Find an early childhood program. ExceleRate Illinois is a statewide quality rating system for early learning programs in Illinois. The ratings, called Circles of Quality, include Gold, Silver, Bronze and licensed programs. The website describes each rating level and offers a searchable database with more than 10,000 early learning programs in the state. Search criteria refines caregiver preferences such as program type, program location, and program Circle of Quality level.

Discover types of care for your child and statewide early learning initiatives. The Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development (GOECD) leads the state's initiatives to create an integrated system of quality, early learning and development programs to help give all Illinois children a strong educational foundation before they begin kindergarten.

Advocate for yourself and your children. The Family Engagement Implementation Subcommittee was formed to implement the Family Engagement Recommendations​ approved by the Early Learning Council Executive Committee. The Family Engagement Implementation Subcommittee is committed to addressing systemic racial inequities that exist throughout Illinois. The central goal is to establish an early childhood advisory body made up of the parents and family members that reflect the varied racial, religious, cultural, geographic, and economic diversity that exists across the State.

Connect to find emergency support. Local Area Network 41 is a network of dedicated parents, individuals, and organizations that promote the development of healthy families. Through advocacy and collaboration, we improve family access to local social services. The LAN works to prevent abuse and neglect through parent outreach, family support, early intervention, and assistance in coping with emotional and behavioral problems.

Engage in learning activities with your child. Skokie Public Library offers many lively storytimes and interactive programs for kids and families. In partnership with Niles Township District for Special Education (NTDSE), the Youth Services staff receives training to better understand and serve children with disabilities. We also offer monthly programs, including Sensory Storytime and Rainbow Therapy.

Explore fun ways to play at home. Social distancing also means a lot of family together time. The Chicago Children's Museum put together a list of activities that will allow parents of young children transform their living room, kitchen, or backyard into a mini Chicago Children’s Museum. experience. Check out their "Recipes for Play at Home" and enjoy some of that together time is a blast.


Connect with family and community. The Morton Grove Public Library (MGPL) has served the residents and businesses of the village of Morton Grove, Illinois for more than 80 years by providing a place offering materials, programs, and services to assist the community in its pursuit of personal growth and lifelong learning.In particular, MGPL's Youth Services department offers the community enriching events and resources for children from birth to grade 8, parents, and families such as storytimes, book discussions, early education and educational apps.