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Committed to Strengthening Children and Families in Niles Township

Niles Township Local Area Network (LAN 41)

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) began funding Local Area Network 41 (LAN 41) in 1994 to provide children and families an environment in which they can reach their fullest potential. 

One of 62 LANs, LAN 41 leverages its local infrastructure to plan, develop, and manage services to respond to real needs of youth and families in our community. 

LAN 41 is a voluntary, community based network, working to gather stakeholders with a shared interest in the welfare of youth and families to plan and improve service delivery together.

The Angelo Militello DCFS Emergency Fund*

LAN 41 received a DCFS grant in 2020 to distribute emergency wraparound funds to support children and families who are unable to access resources from other agencies. Criteria to apply for wraparound funds includes Niles Township residency, children aged newborn to 8, documentation of efforts to access resources from local agencies.  

Wraparound funds build on child and family strengths to meet immediate needs for families with children birth to age 8. These immediate needs may include funds for child care, afterschool programs, health deductibles, back-to-school supplies or clothing, and emergency payment of bills. Wraparound funds are typically distributed directly to the recipients, such as a landlord, or utility company, LAN 41 has a Wraparound Committee to approve emergency funds for children and families.

*Formerly known as LAN 41 Wraparound Funds

LAN 41 Wraparound Funds: History
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